UV Exposure – Damage to Houses and Health

Every week, we witness the alarming effects of UV damage, a consequence of modern architectural trends favoring expansive glass walls to capitalize on natural light and breathtaking views. However, this design choice unwittingly exposes our interiors to harmful UV rays, accelerating the deterioration of flooring, furnishings, and artwork.

– UV Damage in Homes: Architectural trends emphasizing “walls of glass” increase UV exposure indoors, leading to premature fading and breakdown of interior elements like flooring and furnishings, particularly noticeable during winter months.

– Real-Life Examples: Instances abound where UV exposure wreaks havoc on interiors; from cherry wood floors lightning over a weekend due to an exposed extension cord to $25,000 worth of cork flooring fading within months.

– Health Implications: Understanding the three types of UV rays—UVA, UVB, and UVC—reveals UVA’s predominant role in skin aging, cancer, and eye diseases. While UVC rays are mostly blocked by the atmosphere, UVB rays are intercepted by window glass, but UVA rays penetrate easily.

– Protective Measures: Quality window films offer a solution by effectively blocking UV rays when correctly applied. Specialized UV control films provide up to 99% protection without compromising the visual clarity of glass, reducing heat and safeguarding against UV damage.

Just as we apply sunscreen to shield our skin outdoors, investing in UV control window film acts as a protective barrier for our homes, mitigating the harmful effects of UV exposure. Prioritize the health and longevity of your interiors with this simple yet effective solution.

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