Clear Safety and Security Film for Commercial Properties

When glass has an added layer of LLumar® safety and security film, it helps safeguard against theft or intrusion, flying debris, extreme weather, explosive blasts, and unfortunate accidents.

Our safety and security film helps hold glass together and reinforces it in two ways: with the heavy-duty film itself, plus a strong adhesive that bonds tightly to glass. This is how it slows and discourages intruders, and how it helps keep occupants safe when glass breaks.

Laminated glass and metal bars offer protection, but they’re much more costly and difficult to install. Additionally, bars obscure views and advertise security concerns to every visitor. LLumar clear safety and security window film is a modern, affordable alternative. It’s easy on budgets, optically clear with no tint, and comes in a variety of thicknesses. This allows you to match the level of film strength to your client’s concerns. If your client is interested in sun control benefits we also have a solar safety and security film.

LLumar clear safety and security film is hard to detect. It’s easy to see why schools, government buildings and many other properties choose it for protection and peace of mind. Contact Sunset Window Tinting for help choosing what’s best. We can also provide accredited lab test reports aligned with ASTM, GSA and other standards.

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