Spectrally Selective Window Film Lets Sunlight In and Keeps Heat Out

Spectrally selective window film significantly improves the performance of the glass in your home, without the mess and expense of full window replacement. Known for excellent heat protection, energy savings and a natural look that lets in loads of light, spectrally selective film is an ideal choice for homeowners wanting good performance that can barely be seen.

LLumar® spectrally selective film comes in a range of shades from nearly clear to a subtle hint of neutral gray. Make your choice and expect multiple solar control benefits:

  • Ability to block more than 99% of skin- and interior-damaging UV rays
  • Eye-comforting glare reduction, and
  • Powerful heat control to help give your air conditioner a break.

Technology that Targets the Sun’s Hottest Rays
Like spectrally selective window glass or glazing, spectrally selective film uses innovative technology to tame the sun’s heat. This technology targets the sun’s infrared rays to help cool hot spots, while letting in as much glowing sunlight as possible.

Extensive Testing and Warranty Protection
We offer a manufacturer’s limited warranty* that covers our spectrally selective film for up to 10 years. We also extensively test this film, like we test all our films, in a variety of climates. This ensures uncompromising looks and performance worthy of your home.

*Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details. 

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