Reduce Glare with Solar Control Film

Glare from sunlight entering the home and office can be extremely bright and uncomfortable. We’ve all found ourselves struggling to see the screens on our computers, phones and televisions because of glare. We can also physically suffer the effects of glare with headaches nausea and fatigue. Often, glare becomes worse in the fall and winter months due to the low angle of the sun.

Glare can be easily controlled with an application of window film specially designed to reduce glare. These films allow the natural light to come through while cutting the glare to manageable levels.

Reduced glare can make for more comfortable home or work environments. After installing glare control film on a local business, we received a report that their employees productivity had improved by almost 20% and absenteeism due to headaches and migraines had dramatically reduced.

Think of glare control as putting good quality sunglasses on your windows.


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