Protect your belongings against UV damage.

Ultraviolet rays also penetrate our homes through the glass in our windows and doors. UV exposure and heat are the leading causes of fading to our floors, furnishings and artwork.

Did you know that exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays is the leading cause of skin cancer in North America?

These rays can also negatively affect our health and the health of our loved ones. Did you know that the Government of Canada in their report on Canadian Cancer Statistics 2015 predicts that 45% of males and 42% of females will have some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. That is 1 in every 2.2 males and 1 in every 2.4 females.

Without getting too technical, there are two different types of UV rays, UVA and UVB rays. While glass effectively blocks UVB rays (which are responsible for sunburn), UVA rays easily penetrate glass into our homes. Both UVA and UVB rays are associated with skin cancer and various diseases of the eye.

There are several ways to protect our homes from UV damage and penetration.

Apply a Solar window film reducing UV penetration by up to 99%+. The application of quality solar control window film is an excellent way to protect your home. Solar film is a cost-effective solution that will all but eliminate harmful UV penetration while reducing heat and maintaining your view.

Installing Low Emissivity Glass, also known as Low ‘E’ glass, is a good way to reduce the harmful UV rays. This option however can be quite expensive and the UV protection percentage from this glass varies depending upon which type of low E glass is installed. UV protection with low ‘E’ glass can be as low as 30%. It is important to check the UV rating of any window before making your purchase. Solar control window film is often installed in combination with low E glass for maximum protect.

Solar control blinds may also help reduce UV exposure but blinds work by filtering the light through a mesh window covering therefore, UV rays are only partially blocked. Blinds also need to be closed to give protection in many cases obscuring the view. Solar control film will provide constant protection without changing your view.

UV penetration can be demonstrated on site with the use of a UV meter.

Our Solar Control films reject up to 99% + of harmful UV rауѕ. While UV rays are responsible for almost 80% of fading that occurs, excessive heat can also be a contributing factor.

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