Our Product – The In’s and Out’s

At Sunset, we don’t just market our products, we craft solutions, our brand encompasses a legacy of expertise and innovation. with a profound grasp of film technology and keen insight into market demands, our products are made to exceed your expectations. Here’s more information about our products…

– Our Window Film is made with the highest quality of materials, which are produced at home right here in North America.
– Offers exceptional heat rejection, reduced energy consumption and utility costs.
– Enhances privacy without compromising natural light.
– Available in a variety of shades and styles to suit diverse aesthetic preferences.
– Durable construction ensures long lasting performance and satisfaction.

To summarize, our window film products epitomize quality, innovation, and reliability. Crafted in North America, these products stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Sunset Window Tinting & Window Films. We are Kelowna’s Certified Solar Control, UV Protection and Security Film Specialists. Sunset Window Tinting has been installing residential window tinting and commercial window tinting since 1994. Our high quality products, with service to match, are some of the best on the market.