Frosted Window Film Helps Create Light-Filled, Private Spaces

One of the most effective ways to create privacy is with frosted window film. It’s a popular choice for glass partitions in offices, medical facilities, and spas because it effectively blurs views from both sides while allowing an abundance of light through. Because frosted films can be custom cut into any design you imagine, they’re also a tasteful way to incorporate a corporate identity or other artwork into your project.

LLumar® has a wide range of frosted film options to fulfill your needs: matte frosts, color frosts, and textured frosts. They’re all much easier to work into a budget than sand-blasted glass, and blend in tastefully with a variety of décor styles. Browse our film viewer to see all of our available frosted films.

Matte Frost Series
With a premium look and a variety of classic frost variations, our Matte Frost Series of decorative window films gives you freedom to fine-tune light transmission and privacy levels.

Color Frost Series
Every style in our color frost series can hold its own as a focal point or blend into surroundings seamlessly. Choose from translucent and sandblasted effects, in neutral tones ranging from warm to cool.

Textured Frost Series
What makes this series stand out is touchable surface texture that closely mimics specialty glass. It refracts light to create convincing, subtle sparkle that elevates both commercial and residential properties.

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