Air Conditioning vs Solar Control Window Film

If we are to believe some of the weather predictions for the summer period, we may be looking at a hotter than normal summer temperatures. With rising energy costs and higher temperatures, what is the best way to cool our homes and still maintain the beautiful Okanagan views out there?

Window film in combination with air conditioning is the most effective and efficient way we can keep our homes cool during the summer months. That being said, when I bring up the benefits of installing window film, many potential clients respond by asking something to the effect of, “Our air conditioner cools the house just fine, why would we need window film?”

I then ask the client, “When and how frequently does your air conditioner kick in during the day?” The answer to this question is often that the unit seems to kick in as soon as the sun hits the windows, cutting in and out constantly throughout the day, sometimes even into the evening long after the sun has gone down. Does this sound familiar?

The air conditioning unit may cool the house down comfortably, but at what cost? Even the most efficient air conditioner can be expensive to run, but what is sometimes overlooked is the decreased longevity of a constantly running air conditioning unit. If a unit must cut in and out constantly for hours, it will certainly not last anywhere near as long as a unit that only kicks in for short periods of time during the hottest periods of the day. The cost of a replacement air conditioning unit can be substantial. So how can we prolong the life of an existing air conditioner?

If we were to decrease the heat entering the home by 4 or 5 degrees, we would minimize the need for the air conditioning. We can achieve this easily with an application of a good quality solar control window film. The money saved by reducing air conditioner operating costs will, within two or three years, off-set the cost of a window film application.

This year, when the hot temperatures of summer are upon us, considering the benefits of window film. Your wallet will thank you.

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